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Sultan Door

Mustapha Larabi
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This stunning double door in Moroccan wood has been handcrafted in low relief, painted midnight blue and intricately decorated with motifs and small henna-dyed camel bones in a traditional Moorish design. Woodwork is a ‘national art’ in Morocco and carpentry and cabinet making are part of the natural culture. The Sultan’s door has been crafted by hand and will give everlasting charm and beauty. It will provide a warm welcome to visitors and will entice them to enter your room. Decorate doors are given great importance by Moroccans as they are viewed as a symbol of the country’s vast culture. They are often decorated with the hand of Fatima – the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad – requesting protection for the family and in the decorative pattern of this door Fatima’s hand is represented by the trident. In Morocco, there are often two door knockers – one on the door itself and the second on its fame. There are often two families living in the house and the different tones of each knocker determines which one has a visitor!

Product Details
  • H 225 cm x W 136 cm x D 12 cm
  • H 88.6 in x W 53.5 in x D 4.7 in
  • Handcrafted in Morocco
  • Material: Wood, Metal

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