Xiaoling Huang

Sitting at her work bench in front of the large white urn, Xiaoling was using her finest paintbrush to add detail to the outline of the beautiful landscape she was capturing on the porcelain...

Xiaoling is a superb artist and her work is unique, highly artistic and ideological. She loves capturing the countryside and specialises in under glaze flowers and birds. Her attention to detail is exceptional with individually painted leaves on the trees and petals on the flowers. Her skies are palest blue with light cloud cover and their movement, like the branches of her trees and birds in flight, is tangible.

Based in Jingdezhen meaning 'the town in the jungle' which today is city in Southern China, known by many as 'the porcelain capital of the world, Xiaoling is one of its great masters. She is a member of the Jingdezhen Advanced Ceramic Arts & Crafts Institution and is also an academic at the Jiangxi National Conservation Academy which specialises in preserving the rich heritage of Chinese ceramic art, painting and calligraphy.

Watching her at work creating such a beautiful masterpiece, I am not surprised to learn that Jingdezhen porcelain is valued by collectors throughout the world and the highest price ever paid at auction for a piece of porcelain was for a piece of Jingdezhen sold in London in 2005.

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