Xiaochun Ye

Oblivious to the world, Xiaochun Ye puts the final touches to the pale aquamarine dish in front of him and quietly chats to his father by his side. Xiaochun Ye is following in his father's footsteps as he is a Senior Crafts Artist, as were his father and grandfather and the family is well known for its celadon in Zhejiang Province – where this type of ceramic work with a glass-like glaze was first created and is still the focus.

On finishing school, Xiaochun Ye began working alongside his father and became fascinated by the glazes used. He spent more than five years researching and experimenting with the formulation of tire and glaze water and successfully developed various kinds in a glorious palette of colours including plum, pink, green, pearl and pearl art glaze. He was pleased with the results and so were his customers as his celadon pieces were truly exquisite – especially as many were displayed on intricately carved rosewood stands.

In April 2001. Xiaochun Ye made a discovery that caused a sensation around the art world – 'ice crack' celadon. This finish had not been used for more than two hundred years, and suddenly this gifted celadon artist was successfully creating amazing pieces of work using this highly complicated production technique. There was national newspaper coverage, TV cameras in his studio and overnight, Xiaochun Ye became a celebrity. Since then, his breathtakingly beautiful work has regularly won awards and can be found on display all over the world.

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