White Studio

The walls are filled with all types exquisite pieces of white Georgian porcelain and amidst them hangs an award for Small Business of the Year (2016 Business Awards) which was presented to Nato Eristavi, the co-founder of White Studio and marks the success of the company.

White Studio was started out as an experiment. Its founders had no experience of making special and often unique pieces of porcelain that could be sold commercially. Nato and her partner, Nino Kambarashvili, had worked in ceramics for years and both truly loved their craft and decided to open a studio together in which they would make painted tiles. They employed two young artisans and whilst they waited for their kiln to arrive they began to teach the youngsters about clay. They began to experiment and soon the workshop was filled with a range of different objects – all white in colour as they had no kiln to fire them. They were having a marvellous time and thoroughly enjoying their work.

When the kiln eventually arrived, they had far too many items to paint so they decided to hold an exhibition of their white porcelain. The exhibition was a huge success and certainly generated huge interest as white, unpainted porcelain was unheard of and the public needed convincing that just because it was unpainted, it had nevertheless been made to the same high standards using the same materials and techniques.

Today the company produces unique Georgian handmade porcelain that embraces the country's character and charm. White Studio works exclusively with Georgian porcelain made from local white clay. White clay has the same qualities as porcelain base and has transparency and elasticity. It is fired at such a high temperature that it soon earned the name “Georgian Porcelain”.

The ethos of the company remains unchanged – to encourage young artisans to learn the skills for creating these stunning pieces of porcelain and also to raise awareness and increase the popularity of Georgian art and culture worldwide. Eterne brings some of the company's finest pieces to you to enjoy and appreciate in the comfort of your home.
Iakobashvili Family

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