St George Gallery

When Saba Alene opened the St George Interior Decoration and Art Gallery in Addis Ababa in 1990, it created a real sensation! Until then, the country's art scene had been nearly non-existent, and now it was being showcased with a variety of crafts under one roof in a business run by women that reflects the importance of art in everyday life.

There is an exceptional and ever-changing collection of art to admire by 25 established and emerging artists. Their work captures the colours, character and diversity of their homeland perfectly. Saba is a highly gifted and award-winning furniture designer and her work is decorated with intricate carvings of Ethiopian symbols and motifs – many drawn from the country's rich history. Some of the furniture is beautifully hand painted with colourful scenes of Ethiopian life.

St George's shines the spotlight on the rich array of the beautiful and intricate craftwork found in Ethiopia that can enhance places and people perfectly all over the globe.

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