The craftsman carefully ran his hand along each chair leg and then stood the finished chair on his workbench, carefully turning it around slowly to ensure he was truly happy with it knowing that is must be aesthetically pleasing and the feel of the wood must be wonderfully smooth and tactile ...only then did the chair join the other finished ones in the corner of the workshop...

The crafters that made the Nissin collection can be found in their workshop which opened in 1946 in the heart of the historic twin communities of Hida-Takayama in Japan. Outside, the historic streets, with the linked eaves of the numerous merchants' houses have changed very little since the 16th century. The craftsmen of Takayama have long been known for their expertise in carpentry, and it is believed that they worked on the Imperial Palace in Kyoto and on many of the beautiful temples in the region. Their skills were passed down through the generations to the current craftsmen who can be found amongst the sawdust, creating timeless elegant pieces of beautiful wooden furniture.

The craftsmen are firm believes in sustainability and conserving the environment, and so they eagerly oversee every stage of production from the planting of the trees! They are emphatic that only top quality wood should be used and carefully examine all the wood once the tree has been felled. They produce wooden furniture using their skill and judgement and ensure that any adhesives or paints are free from toxins so that there is no negative impact on health -or the environment.

The craftsmen know how to make cleverly designed furniture that is light and slender, but remarkably sturdy. The styles are simple but modern and importantly, are made to bring many years of happiness. They check their work at every stage to ensure perfection and are incredibly self-critical if they feel that any piece is not 100%. They take great pride in their work...and it certainly shows...

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