Mohamed Idrissi

A well known Moroccan artisan and art collector, in recent years, Mohamed Idrissi has been given a new role that uses his creative skills perfectly. Mohamed has helped members of the Moroccan Royal Family and the interior designers of Morocco's top luxury hotels to acquire the perfect sculptures to complete the stunning look of both private rooms and public places.

Moroccan interior design is very distinctive as it uses a mixture of rich colourful textiles, intricate carvings, beautiful archways and highly detailed tile work using locally made tiles. It expresses the country's diverse history which has been influenced by multiple cultures and religions. Mohamed carefully sources the perfect statue for display that will enhance the richness of the décor.

Sculpture in Morocco is very popular and really diverse as some sculptors recreate historical figures whilst others are very contemporary in their approach. The sculptures are often in a single colour so that the skill of the artisan can be really appreciated in the fluidity of clothing or the muscular presentation of horses and other animals. Mohamed's choice of is impressive and always fits its surroundings perfectly – not just as a decorative piece, but to demand attention and provoke thought.

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