Huixian Lei

Watching Huixian Lei as she works, is an unforgettable experience. Petite and tidily dressed she gently polishes the most exquisite piece of pale green porcelain that stands on the counter in front of her. She carefully turns the piece and there is an audible gasp of pleasure and astonishment from the onlookers, as they appreciate its exquisite style, its colour and captivating mirror-like shine. There is a murmur…. Longquan Celadon.

China is well known as the birthplace of porcelain and a diverse selection of porcelains have been exported since the 8th century when they were transported along the land and maritime silk routes. The history of Longquan Celadon can be traced back to the year 220, but it was not until the 12th century that its golden era began. Known as 'the beautiful jade of Chinese porcelain' it is fired using plum green and jade green glazes with astonishing results. The colour comes from the iron oxide in the glaze that must be fired at a temperature of 1,300ºC to achieve the correct colour.

Huixian Lei graduated in art design in 2006 and studied under the Chinese ceramic art master Weisun Lu where she learned the how to make breathtakingly beautiful pieces of Longquan Celadon. Today, she is considered a true master and her work is held in high esteem. She has won her countless awards and frequently takes part in exhibitions. Her work is collected by Jack Ma from Alibaba and her stunning cups were displayed at the Hangzhou G20 Summit.

Longquan Celadon is much sought after in Europe – particularly in France – and its elegant style, soft tones and unique shine can be instantly recognised in both public and private collections. For those looking for a gift of unparalleled beauty...

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