Feng Gao

Watching him at work as he captures the beauty of brightly coloured birds and blossoms on the snowy white vase, it is easy to see why Feng Gao is acknowledged as a Master in his field. He lives in Jiangxi province and is a member of Jiangxi Provincial Art Work Committee. He is the founder of the semi-knife ceramic characterisation technique which he uses with skilful effect to add an unusual element to the relief of his work.

His beautiful work is quintessentially Chinese with fine highly detailed images of birds and flowers that complements the beauty of the porcelain perfectly. Jingdezhen porcelain has been described unique because it is ' as thin as a sheet of finest writing paper, as white as snow, as bright as a mirror and with the resonance of a beautiful bell' and is the most perfect blank canvas for Feng Gao's stunning paintings

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