Andres Aguirre

Just ten years ago, Andres Aguirre was leading a singing workshop. After it had ended, he found himself drawn to capturing the emotions and the music in wood carving. He then enjoyed working on a series of head sculptures that he entitled Los Cantores, and he has never looked back...

Andres loves the character of wood and feels that his beautiful natural surroundings define the themes of his sculptures in Quito; the mountains, the summits of Illinizas, the black stone walls in Cuyuja and of the majesty of the Andes. All of these he feels are described in a very different language that is expressed in his stunning wood sculptures.

He respects nature and views wood as a living material and for this reasoning, will only work with fast-growing species and with the wood taken from trees that have fallen naturally or been cut for a tree clearing programme. Andres finds the wood during numerous long walks, and he is particularly delighted if he comes across an unusually shaped piece of wood. He works with pine, cypress, eucalyptus and linden.

Today, Andres focuses on sculptural furniture and his work is truly exquisite - much more than a piece of furniture but a real conversation piece and an arresting focus in any room. Each of his pieces has its own story too. The small windmill table is crafted from red eucalyptus wood found in the Ecuadorian tropical rain forest and masterfully carved into a beautiful occasional table. 'Falling Rocks' is the name of a dramatic coffee table that has cascading rocks underneath a simple glass top. What is fascinating is that the cleverly crafted rocks are not rocks at all, but made by burning four large pieces of wood which are then shaped, painted and lacquered to create such a stylish piece of furniture that will one day be a family heirloom.

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