Patrick Kooiman

Sitting in his stunning fuchsia coloured room, surrounded by dramatic flower arrangements and his eclectic collection of ornaments, Patrick Kooiman taps away on his PC, oblivious of the outside world as he writes his latest article for his interior blog. At the end of the final paragraph, he lifts his head, smiles and is happy to answer the many questions we have for him…

Patrick Kooiman is a Rotterdam-based design writer and interior stylist who has just released his first coffee table book, called VOLUME. Like many Rotterdammers, Patrick is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and go to work. What he likes best, however, is to sit down for in-depth interviews with designers and artists from around the world. Patrick is the writer of the award-winning blog His work has also been published in a wide array of interior design magazines. He currently writes a column about movie interiors for WOTH Wonderful Things.

What was your first thought about Puur Craft?

When I read Puur Craft's first press release and clicked through to their website, it almost felt like coming home. In my home, I love to collect items from around the world. They each tell their own story and together they reflect who I am. I got the impression that the people behind Puur Crafts were just as passionate as I am about putting together a great collection of unique pieces that will last you a lifetime.

How would you describe your style?

Colorful and diverse, I guess. In fact, I painted out my entire living room in bright pink last year – and that includes the doors and the ceiling. I love making a statement. The other day, two police officers rang my doorbell (they weren’t looking for me, I hasten to add). When I opened the door, one of them went: “Whoa!” I love that. I love mixing together modern design pieces with flea market finds. And let’s not forget all the things I buy whenever I’m travelling! It’s the contrast that works. Old and new, modern and antique, expensive and cheap.

Who or what inspired you to grow personally and professionally?

That would have to be my former teacher and current best friend, Ingrid Robers. She taught me to develop my own signature when I studied interior styling at the Academie Artemis in Amsterdam. We became friends after I graduated and together with Ingrid, I developed my first book. It wouldn’t have been there without her.

Can you describe the most inspiring place you have stepped foot into?

A few years ago, I interviewed interior designer Gert Voorjans in his home in Antwerp. It was a totally overwhelming experience. There was so much to see! “Nobody would ever decorate their home I did here,” he told me. But now that I sit here in my pink living room, I guess I’m well on my way to beating Gert at his own game!

What do you think about the role of craftsmanship in interior design?

It’s high time we start realizing that the world doesn’t need any more bad design coming off an anonymous conveyor belt. When I look at the Moroccan side table I have bought through Eterne, I can really appreciate all the work that has gone into every single detail. It’s a unique piece that I will treasure for the rest of my life.



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